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  • So, you’re working from home25th March 2020 Multiple print publications: The Leicester Mercury, Derby Telegraph and Nottingham Post
  • Business App for Working from Home 25th March 2020 The Metro
  • Dyslexia & Creative Learners (p.14-15) March 2020 Teaching Scotland
  • All Praise the Nap February 2020 Planet Mindful
  • Review of The Creative Thinking Handbook by Piotr Wronka February 2020 Quality World Magazine
  • Beating the January Blues: Chris Griffiths interview 25th January 2020 NewsTalk – Down to Business
  • How to achieve a better work-life balance 22nd January 2020 Director Magazine
  • The Top Creative Breakthroughs Of 2019 30th December 2019 CEO Today
  • Curating Collaboration December issue 2019 Industry Networker
  • How to Have a Productive Holiday (p.46-47)December issue 2019 Business Life – British Airway’s inflight magazine
  • Morning Routine Tips From Successful People28th November 2019 Minute Hack
  • Best Productivity Apps 7th November 2019 Tom’s Guide
  • OpenGenius with Chris Griffiths12th October 2019 Newstalk podcast
  • Agile failure can lead to success 1st October 2019 The Times
  • Episode 243: Chris Griffiths: Knowledge is no longer power 18 September 2019 The Fast Leader Podcast
  • Sunemployment: take up a positive mindset 12 September 2019 The Sun online
  • Top tips to declutter your mind September 2019 Your Healthy Living Magazine
  • How to build a more creative business 15/08/2019 Director Magazine
  • Episode 179 – Creative Thinking with Chris Griffiths 19/08/2019 The Extraordinary Business Book Club Podcast
  • OpenGenius, Creativity Training 29/07/2019 Peta Crunch
  • How to build a more creative business July 2019 Director Magazine
  • Give yourself a brain break July 2019 Indian Management
  • The Link Between DNA and creativity 22/07/2019 Irish Tech News
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving 20/07/2019 Everyday MBA podcast
  • Imagine there is no box? July 2019 the HR Director Magazine
  • Summer reads for investors July 2019 What investment magazine
  • Insider Most Exciting Companies in Wales July 2019 Wales Business Insider
  • Innovate with optimism June 2019 Indian Management
  • Future-proofed firms June 2019 Industry Networker Magazine
  • Fostering a Culture of Creativity in a smaller Firm June 2019 Leadership Excellence, HR.com (p 12-13)
  • Give yourself a ‘brain break’ 12/06/2019 Education Executive
  • Six tips to boost happiness and creativity at work 28/05/2019 Recruitment International
  • Top 10 Task Management Tools May-June2019 Software World
  • Recognizing Failure 13/06/2019 the Smart Manager
  • Get creative about creativity May 2019 the HR Future




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