Hannah Rowley

Hannah Rowley

Primary Level Educator

“Best practice in education is always collaborative.

Ayoa allows me to easily share ideas and resources with my colleagues. Being able to discuss specific tasks within Ayoa has allowed us to step away from long-winded emails and stay focused on what needs to get done. The strength of teamwork that I feel working face-to-face with my team is now mirrored in our online interactions in Ayoa.”


How Ayoa Supports Educators

  • Unlimited collaboration
    Ayoa makes communication easier – chat in app, collaborate on projects, and meet group deadlines creatively.
  • My Planner to organise your workload
    From grading, to parent-teacher conferences – privately prioritise your personal workload with ease so you can plan for success.
  • View status of work at a glance
    With urgency and importance icons, instantly view progression with simple visual cues, keeping your whole team on track.
  • Innovative teaching for the next generation
    Do things differently. Ayoa is built to help you drive outstanding results both virtually and in person.
  • Simple reorganisation
    Recurring duties are part of life as an educator; quickly duplicate existing tasks at your convenience. Never duplicate work again!
  • An app for lifelong learning
    Learn smarter. Ayoa is built on strong principles of learning, so you can develop habits and techniques that will last a lifetime.



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Seamlessly integrate existing software, and keep everything in one place.

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Google Drive
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Google Contacts
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Google Calendar


How Ayoa Supports Students

Lisa-Ann Barnes

Lisa-Ann Barnes

Northwestern University School of Professional Studies

“My students found it easy to learn, easy to understand, and easy to use for visualising their work structures.”


We’re dedicated to supporting students at every stage of their education. Our inclusive software is designed to help students of all learning styles and abilities achieve their best work.


How Ayoa helps students - Revision


Ayoa makes learning and recall streamlined and fun at all levels of education, with dozens of useful in-app templates.

How Ayoa helps students - Notes


Ayoa’s neuroinclusive interface makes taking notes a breeze, collating vital information flexibly and efficiently.

How Ayoa helps students - Notes


Ayoa helps students easily structure written projects, if it’s their first homework piece or their dissertation.


Neuro-inclusive software


Neurodiversity exports - Ayoa

Exporting options, including PDFs, Word documents and images.

Neurodiversity planner - Ayoa

Personal planner with category names taken from the Pictorial Exchange Communication System.

Neurodiversity speed keys - Ayoa

Speed keys for keyboard navigation and control.

Neurodiversity colors - Ayoa

Change the background colours for easy reading.

Neurodiversity collaboration - Ayoa

Collaborate with others using comments, instant messaging & video chat.

Neurodiversity friendly font - Ayoa

Neurodiversity-friendly font, OpenSans, used across the app.



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